Friday, November 28, 2014


You spotted me, I like the sanctity I am from.
You are not to blame for  scratching the surface; willing my self out of my shell, I slithered after all.

Your eyes are intense, they could dent me.
You know you make me laugh, you make me smile and I thrive in that.

You would expertly make fun of me by being attentive at the same time.
You brought out in me what I had lost in translation ages ago.

You count, I can't put a name to this one simply coz I don't know.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The end we all strive to be

We all have a past,  a present and future undeniably. Our ambitions for the “future“ vary across several breaths. Is there not an inate desire for perfection, or reach to a stage close to being perfect. Does that stage seem to stretch farther the closer you believe you have it wrapped around your finger.
Under the “picture perfect“ is there not even a dot of something that you wish was a bit different, the shade of the dress or the colour of your lipstick, what about the curl of a couple of strands of hair. You decide you need to alter those before the next picture, but hold on, didn‘t several people say it was “picture perfect“. So perfection is an illusion, others feel about you, expect from you and you expect from yourself.

Friday, April 11, 2014


I cannot be coy, smiling like I had a gun to my head and was forced to, make small talk and act like a diva.

I shall go about my way, do my thing, think my thought and hey maybe I dont smile when I do that

Its not that I am sad or unfriendly. I am just enveloped and gratified in my space.

I remember being caught in the line of fire as I smiled a lot (smiling in math class was probably the dumbest thing to do), where is the smile now?

I dont know. Am I unhappy now, no I am not. Do I need to be able to smile naturally, I dont know. But I do know, the difference between a genuine smile and a forced one.

Nothing is the matter in my life dudes, just symmetries may have not alligned, for all I care.  Am the same, experienced for sure but that has refined and focused me.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When is the party tonight?

My heads is spinning, eyes really burning
Some things are being made tough, why oh why
I have to work and work I do
Can’t accommodate space with other who are flexed out too
How much should I absorb?
When I have no cushion for any windfall
An emotional and physical torture
Free from it perhaps is better
Have to be kind to myself too
As I run the engine all day through
So being burnt out is not the best
Grab a pizza, read a book, show videos and lay low
Nurturing your family is not always an outing
But being relaxed while on it is not a miss.

(Rants on coordinating parties :) )

Friday, October 11, 2013

Shorts and Skirts

Many a years ago, I used to jump walls and roof tops, that‘s my “game“
A girls manicured world was lame, pink was just not me, please
I ran,sweat and grimed myself, with my “bestie“ just ahead
And then he had to go away, I no longer wanted to bounce and frown

Few years down the tube, I changed into a pink lil‘ madame you know
My hair was brushed, my clothes were prim, I knew the drill a lady should
A lad I see look straight into me, I was walking and he cycling
Was it my face, or my lace, prehaps the pinkie toe nail had clipped

It happened again, the next day but I knew then it wasen‘t me.
A call after years to my “besties“ place, confirmed to him that it was I who he chased.
A dish a dush, a “whats wrong with you, cant you tell me from me?“
An apology I didnt hear but a “I‘m in love, what do I do“

He was sent back to his sense, made to see that we were “besties“ to be.
Dont break this one and try another one, be best with what you always were.
Was I delerious to say these words, prehaps I was but didnt want worse.
I wanted no change, in my mind he was always my treasured best.

(In the end, I lost my “bestie“ as a friend, I didnt have him as any one else)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do I show what lies beneath?

Why do I choose not to reveal, all that is within me
I keep some, I share some, not the same with everyone

You may do the same too, pick and choose for whom
Familiarity it is not, a stranger might hear a lot

Why do I then, use discretion every now and then
What makes me say, what makes other say,un guarded

I am scared, yes its true, I have flawed so its layered in
I cant say I care less about judgementals,

They may be more than hurting tones, but breaking ties
You may say that I need not heed to protect who aint that accepted me

I have secrets and so do you, we maintain a harmony within that too
Just let it be, your not hurting another with publicity!