Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Emotional Emotions

When there is no anger
But abundance of sadness
You don’t want to talk or to share
Why is sorrow spared?
Anger is mutilated voiced and loud
Sadness is quiet and absorbed
The source be known
Within my mind or transferred from another
Toying with my head I rather have not
Or should I? To gain perspective
That everything is not always fine and dandy
Days get dark and you wait for light
Not knowing how long the journey takes
But hope is what must hold me most
Just hope and kindness must flow and flow

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where The Mind Is Without Fear

I had no idea what my user name was or the email id and was sure that I was not going to go back “home”, the haven where my mind used to be for a good period 7 years ago. Futile words made me arrest words into the blog domain. I have been feeling that my avenue has been lost and I need the quiet space again, to write random, to read random and reflect it all. So I have meandered here again! Fast Forward from 2006 to 2013