Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Known in the Unknown

Do all relationships need a name, a brand or a class,

 What was the electric shock I felt when in the crowded train,

The gravity defying escalator ride churning me inside out?

 I felt sweet thorns when I walked down the street, knowing well that you were looking at me

I choose to not acknowledge you are there; my heart was racing miles and miles

Did I not show I wanted to be held, not by words but my eyes bled?

In the comforting embrace within your shell, I want to be held, held, held

Would you turn your back at me, when you know I need you forever to be?

My shadow that moves all around me, my reflection you will see

But you are not me, but pray be you, but be near me, whisper to me

I will giggle and blush and flush, with each soft touch

You mean to me, more than I mean to myself; 

But don’t ask me a name, brand or class, for that I cant’ ever tell, never want to know

Just take me for me and I for you, we leave it there and that's where it will be.

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